Mama Marias Pizzeria:Biggest Pizza in the Phil.

Cebu City- Last June 12, 2009 was the Grand Opening of Mama Maria's Pizzeria in Cebu.

The Cebu Bloggers' Society was invited to witness the Grand opening and taste the biggest pizza in the Philippines. Pizzas were served for free (Sky is the limit..wahahaha). It was really funny because everytime a pizza is served many hands trying to grab a slice/slices and in just a few seconds the pizza is gone ( habhab jud to!sinikhanay..hahaha). I tell you, very yummy! I also love it for the reason that it's a thin crust pizza and it's really tasty. I don't like thick crust pizza specially with liters of oil?! I really hate that. We stayed there about 5:30 in the afternoon until 8 pm?Am I right CBS pipz??hehe...

La Maison, Ayala Center Cebu

La Maison” is a French word, which means “My House” in English. This word, it is used by Chef Vincent Jen to name for his operated French restaurant. It symbolized a place to treat all guest at a place where that they can feel comfortable just like at home.
La Maison, Ayala Center Cebu was the venue for meet up. We went there at around 3 pm until 7 in the evening. We've got the chance to take our dinner at La Maison for free.