La Maison, Ayala Center Cebu

La Maison” is a French word, which means “My House” in English. This word, it is used by Chef Vincent Jen to name for his operated French restaurant. It symbolized a place to treat all guest at a place where that they can feel comfortable just like at home.
La Maison, Ayala Center Cebu was the venue for meet up. We went there at around 3 pm until 7 in the evening. We've got the chance to take our dinner at La Maison for free.

Foods served:
Tostitos, Barkada Ribs,

Classic Gourmet Platter- La Maison's signature dish and Seafood Marinara

More of their menu: La Maison's Dine-in-Menu
I could not really appreciate their dishes maybe because I am a seafood fanatic, I hope by next time I could taste their seafood dishes..for free!lol
The ambiance is quite relaxing with wi-fi connection which is really suited for business people.


Kai said...

wala sad ko ani..bati gihapon..haha

June 4, 2009 at 7:16 AM
bugITs said...

wow! belly good post bai! heheh la maison - la mi! ehhe

June 4, 2009 at 11:06 AM

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